On June 21-24 2018, a team of creative conveners is collaborating to gather 250 PNW artists & changemakers on Vashon Island, WA!!!

Our highest goal is to foster ConnectionCreativity, Celebration, & Collaboration among diverse participants.

If you can imagine a mix between an ARTS FESTIVAL, an UNCONFERENCE, an ACTIVIST TRAINING, and a FAMILY REUNION;  you’re on track to understanding the dynamism of what we have in store!!!

The Revival Gathering will revolve around a robust & emergent set of themes:

Sacred activism, authentic relating, indigenous right relations, live music & celebration, intergenerational empowerment, personal & collective story work, health & wellness, spoken word, racial equity work, transformative tech & media, participatory song & art, nature connection, mindfulness activities, kinesthetic movement, permaculture projects, conflict transformation, gender reconciliation, philanthropy, immersive theatre, etc…

The container will be held by a diverse & experienced team of creative facilitators.

 To ensure an enjoyable & productive time together, we’ll be employing many cultural & facilitative techniques:   Open space technology, collaborative ritual, council exercises, group storytelling, small & whole group processes, keynote presentations, participatory art creation, graphic recording/facilitation, the work that reconnects, community asset mapping, improvisation games, needs & offers markets, and whatever else wants to emerge.

We hope you’ll look through the rest of the event pages here, and
Register for the Revival!


re-vive (v): to bring back to life and consciousness