On Vashon Island June 22-24  2018, ten organizations are collaborating to bring together 250 artists & changemakers from around the PNW bioregion.

Our highest goal is to foster ConnectionCreativity, & Collaboration amongst participants.

If you can imagine a mix between an arts festival, conference, activist training, & family reunion;  you’re on track to understanding the dynamism of what we have in store…

The Revival Gathering themes will revolve around personal & collective story work, artful activism, authentic relating games, live music & celebration, health & wellness, spoken word, transformative tech & media, participatory art creation, nature connection, mindfulness activities, kinesthetic movement, permaculture projects, conflict transformation, youth empowerment, gender reconciliation, philanthropy, sacred sexuality, immersive theatre, etc etc etc…

***We’re incredibly grateful to have received a sizable grant after our 2017 “Art of Social Change Tour” to continue hosting tours, trainings, & gatherings such as this. We’ll be launching a crowdfund campaign and requesting more grant funds in the Spring, to help bring this robust gathering into being***

The container will be designed and held by a diverse & experienced team of creative facilitators.

 To create the conditions for Connection, Creativity, & Collaboration to flourish within, we’ll be employing many cultural & facilitative techniques:

Open space technology, collaborative ritual, council exercises, group storytelling, small & whole group processes, keynote presentations, participatory art creation, the work that reconnects, community asset mapping, improvisation games, needs & offers markets, and whatever else wants to emerge.

We’re in conversation with the following organizations about helping to lead & sponsor:

  • Music as Medicine Foundation
  • Thriving Communities Conference
  • Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary
  • NewStories 
  • Protectors of the Salish Sea
  • Songlines of Port Townsend
  • The Backbone Campaign
  • Authentic Relating Seattle
  • Re/Culture Media
  • Permaculture Action Network
  • Imagine Music and Arts Festival
  • Zepto Space
  • …Know of organizations that would benefit by participating?  Contact us about it!

Further Pertinent Details (more to come)…

There will be a scholarship fund crowdsourced in the spring, to promote the participation of youngers, elders, and POC from around the bioregion.

There will be nearby housing and “glamping” tents setup, for elders & those who don’t have camping gear.

There is a design session for this gathering scheduled for December 2017. Please Contact Us for more info.