Michelle Anderst is a Seattle-based fine artist and scientific illustrator whose paintings of biological structures serve as both works of art as well as aesthetic statements on ecological consciousness in the modern world. Through her use of vibrant colors and organic subject matter, such as bone, stem, and vein, Anderst creates unique microcosms of the greater natural world, illustrating the interdependence of all living things with one another, no matter how seemingly small or distantly related.  ~Laura Hines, Juxtapoz Magazine

Mary Pines  is equal parts artist, scientist and explorer. Her fascination with the natural world led her to study for a PhD in molecular biology and genetics and she pursued a career in academic science for 13 years before becoming a full-time artist in July, 2016. Her scientific training influences her artistic style and vice versa; she derives great inspiration from the astonishing, fractal worlds that emanate from the innermost workings of every atom to the vastness of the cosmos.

Moksha Marquardt has been living in the Pacific NW among the mountains and forests for most of his life and the natural wonders there have had the deepest influence on his work. While the themes of his work are ever evolving, recently he has been exploring ideas such as the patterns in nature, the circle of life and the consciousness in nature. His latest explorations in digital art have lead him to exploring 3D printing and pioneering original environments for virtual reality technology.