Teahouse & Library – Come each morning (and whenever you like!) for coffee/tea & meaningful conversation! Held inside Revival’s 30′ Octagon tent, this beautiful and educational space will be the heart of the gathering. By day, this Renaissance Teahouse-style hut will be decked out with resources for the radical exchange of world-changing ideas. Heated at night, this is a great place to meet new people and deepen relationship into the early hours of the morn!

Networking Hub – Through displays, bulletins & conversation, this space will connect people to local efforts, events, and each other! The space will also host Tannur Ali as she facilitates “Offers & Needs Markets” to help people open into a transparent exchange of skills! (Also a place to put your flyers, business cards, events, project ideas, etc! Bring what you’ve got!)

Indigenous Tipi Space – Dedicated to honoring & learning from the native peoples of the Salish Sea, this tipi space will be led by Coast Salish activist Paul “Cheoketen” Wagner. Hosting workshops by day, and indigenous song/storytelling by night, please enter this space with reverence and a willingness to learn.

The Main Stage – Musicians will be performing and encouraging participation on “stages” throughout the venue each day, but you’ll find our headlining acts each evening, in a natural grassy amphitheater next to The Pond. After these acts finish, there will be a “Silent Disco” dance party, complete with live DJ music and wifi headphones, into the early hours of the morn : )

The Council Tent – Our main large-scale gathering space. Where our opening circles are held each morning, where many folks will choose to eat, and where our keynote presenters will speak from. Bring a chair or blanket if you wanna be comfy!

The Schedule Board – An Orientation Station at the center of everything, this 16′ board is where both curated and emergent happenings will be posted for all to see… Bring your notebook!

The Skylodge – A 45′ tent/pavilion where yoga/movement-oriented offerings will take place each morning, and a sweet large-scale workshop space during the day!

Sanctuary – Having a hard time? Feeling the presence of oppression / micro-aggressions? Just wanting someone to talk with? Find one of our arm-banded Sanctuary Team members, and head to the little yurt for support. We’re all here for each other in times of need.

Kids Zone – Conscious kids programming during the day by Natalie Riley! Not daycare, but participatory fun for the whole family! More info coming soon…

The Yurt – A 30′ yurt space with wood stove dedicated to meditation in the morning, workshops during the day, and robust song circles into the evening.

The Fire – Come warm yourself at night and get to know one another! (Does this need any more explanation than this? ; )