April 2017

Designing AS Nature

"If you do not rest upon the good foundations of nature, you will labour with little honour and less profit. Those who take for their standard any one but nature — the mistress of all masters — weary themselves in vain.” — Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) Life has sustained its presence on Earth for about 3,800 million years. Life has done more than sustain itself;

February 2017

Metta Center’s Social Change “Roadmap”

Wow... What a potent (and beautiful) meta-level framework for social change & movement building strategy! Michael Naegler and the Metta Center crew were developing this around the time I was working with them down in the North Bay. Its nested diagram depicts personal evolution at the center of social change, encompassed by what Gandhi called the "Constructive Programme," (meaning the collective living of

Life’s Organizing Principles

A friend recently brought the Biomimicry Institute's visual representation of Life's Organizing Principles to my attention. I'm feeling inspired to recreate it soon, with some of my own thoughts around the subject matter. What a Beautiful & Dynamic info graphic to build off of!!! In gratitude, ~B  

January 2017

We’re all in this together… ~Fritjof Capra’s new article

One Earth, One Humanity, One Future, the theme of the recent gathering to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Resurgence, is one that has been conveyed by poets, philosophers and spiritual teachers throughout the ages. One of its most beautiful expressions is found in the celebrated speech attributed to Chief Seattle of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes

Game of Life Feedback Desired

Hey there folks! I've been squirreling this diagram away for far too long now!!! I made it a couple years ago while suffering from a serious bout of anxiety in the mean streets of Bombay India. The text on it is in need of reform, so don't pay too much attention to that... I've used it in counseling sessions

“The Same Golden Force” by Tom Atlee

"The Same Golden Force" that drives the stars drives my life. The same course of story beginning with a universe-burgeoning Bang blesses every cell, every moment, every encounter, rich, poor, bliss, catastrophe. Every where is the Creator of, by, and for all beings, hidden in every crevice and peak. And today it calls me from inside and out to

December 2016

“Ecology is the New Theology” video, by Michael Dowd

We all need to watch this... Primary Reality (i.e. the interrelationship between human, soil, water, plants, animals, earth, etc) is SO much more real/sustainable/regenerative than the "techno-driven industrial growth paradigm"... Thank you Reverend Dowd...

New School of Creation Spirituality Near Opening!

Wow... Creation Spirituality Definition: "Honoring all of creation as Original Blessing, Creation Spirituality integrates the wisdom of Eastern and Western spirituality and global indigenous cultures, with the emerging scientific understanding of the universe and the passion of creativity. It is both a tradition and a movement, celebrated by mystics and agents of social change from every age and culture...

The Magic of Festival, by Michael Jones

"We are standing on the leading edge of one of those big transformative shifts when the cultural landscapes of our communities and organizations are undergoing major changes. And we’re experiencing this as a mounting pressure that may lead to the breakdown of existing structures and the unleashing of a global flow of new ideas, innovations and collaborative possibilities. As