December 2016

Towards the Tipping Point: Understanding Trump in a larger historical context, by Jeremy Lent

"Every day, the news seems only to get worse. Trump’s Cabinet appointments are brazenly turning the U.S. into a kleptocracy – a land where those who have gained unprecedented wealth and power by cynically manipulating the rules now get to rewrite the rules for their own exclusive benefit. With all branches of government – executive, Congress, and the Supreme Court – in the

Complexity & Movement Change Culture, by Chris Corrigan

"As Bronagh Gallagher and I have been musing about our offering on complexity, facilitation and social justice, we have been discussing the shift in activism from ideology to evolutionary. Ideological movements try to coalesce activities and people along a line towards a fixed end state. Evolutionary movements start with intentions, principles and move outward in multiple directions along vectors.

Memetic Artwork

After I finished perusing through a monumental archive of stock art on the web today, and was meditating/napping, I realized very clearly the Deep power in memetic artwork, especially in today's social media heavy world. The artistic expression of ideas and beliefs has become more accessible, elegant, context-rich, and beautiful than at any point in history. The way an artist can

Revival website in the works…

Wow, it's been a long couple weeks! Building my house, deep winter farm design, and learning how to build this (hopefully professional feeling) website!!! Darin Leong of Blooming Mind Media  helped me learn the new fusion builder in Avada, transfer a lot of my old content, and push me to find images that matched the soul of this project. This

New logo created today!!!

The Pritchard family here on Orcas Island are incredibly talented. Maura Lynn is a sign maker and farmer who'll be Orcasong Farm's Head Gardener next year! (I live/work with friends at Orcasong in case you didn't know). Shaun is a web designer, firefighter, & graphic artist; and their son Nicolas is a budding 3d designer! The 3 of them graciously GIFTED the Revival logo