For years we’ve been contracted to facilitate the manifestation of a wide diversity of Life-affirming projects.

We offer our services on a sliding scale fee spectrum. Through the help of Revival Patrons, we’re able to serve Life-affirming orgs at a cost that helps them to flourish!
Contact Us to learn more!  THANK YOU!!!

~Ben Browner  206.886.5926 

Ecovillage Design
:  Governance, Land use, Organization, Conflict mediation, Financial design, etc

Lead Festival Positions:  Workshop curation, Volunteer management, Infrastructural, Lighting, etc

Lead Conference Positions:  Infrastructural, Sound & Lighting, MCing, Presenter hospitality, etc

Facilitation:  Strategic meetings, Organizational development, Conflict mediation, Counseling, etc

Graphic Design:  Posters, Infographics, Flyers, Brochures, Websites, Logos, Brainstorming, etc

Building Projects:  Tiny homes, Outbuildings, Handyman work, Landscaping/Permaculture. etc