What are you willing to give to help catalyze the dreams of a generation waking up?

Dynamic, philosophically-based, multi-week tours such as this (especially those highlighting such a diverse array of artists, presenters and scholarship recipients) are unusual, to say the least.

We’re actively aiming to carry out something revolutionary in the creation of this Tour. Something that stirs up and ushers out the worldviews currently pushing us toward an ever-deeper abyss of social & environmental injustices. We’re creating something that gives radical and educated expression to what’s not working, alongside beautiful and holistic solutions that foster creativity, resiliency, and unity across diversity.

We’re inviting people to gather within a newly emerging set of stories that alter our shared agreements about what’s possible, in order to build relationships of trust & integrity that last into a very generative future.

To do this, (especially as a first year project), we need financial support from large and small donors alike. At the end of 2017 we hope to receive a grant that will allow us much more ease in 2018’s Tours & Trainings, but this year we’re giving a lot out of our own pockets to make this happen

How are you willing to assist in bringing this Tour to Life?

Will you stand together with us in the courtship of a new culture???

We’ve just launched a crowd funding campaign:


We’re also very excited to acquire:

  • larger financial sponsors for the Tour

  • a 15 passenger tour van donation

  • POC/youth scholarship fund donations

  • venue sponsorship in salish sea towns

***Larger tax exempt donations are possible through our 501c3 fiscal sponsor www.NewStories.org

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