This is another evolving, incomplete, but beautifully-begun list of specific ideas that have impacted our thinking over the past year. Flip through it, and send us some additions! : )

“Living Systems Theory and the Practice of Stewarding Change” article  –  How do we create meaningful change within our organizations and communities? What perspectives and practices are necessary to make an intentional, substantive and lasting difference in these systems, particularly when their complexity puts them beyond the power of command and control? … This may be the paramount question of our times, as awareness of the complex, systemic nature of society’s problems increases along with the growing urgency to solve them… In fact, the inquiry has broad relevance, extending from the multinational corporation to the mom-and-pop shop, from the sprawling metropolis to the rural hamlet. In each of these, there is the urge – and the ongoing imperative – to improve, to grow, to evolve, to adapt, to innovate. A practical theory of change is useful at each of these levels.

Joe Brewer’s new article 12/2016  –  Thomas Berry’s 1978 article “The New Story.” A vital piece that helped to inspire a whole generation of cosmologists to dedicate there lives to the telling of The Story of the Universe.  –  The wiki peg for “The Epic Of Evolution,” a science-based story of the Universe. From the first primordial flaring forth, through the formation of the cosmos, life on earth, and humanity’s falling forward. A tale of Everything!  –  “Experience changes your biology.” A video by Jason Silva on the amazing new science of epigenetics and how prototyping / feedback literally change your neurological pathways!   –  No one man can cut down a whole forest or enslave a whole people. It takes a story that is believed by many other people to accomplish those feats. Every problem in the world is a result of the stories we tell ourselves. They provide roles and context in which our behavior makes sense.  –  Where are we? Who are we? What journey are we on? Step- by-step Duane offers us new insights about ourselves and our human journey. At the foundation is the understanding that we are each an expression of a living universe: conscious, self-regulating, self-creating, ever-renewing, and always evolving to increasing levels of complexity and creativity.  –  David Korten’s new essay (available to read as a PDF) connects the work of finding a new sacred story with the effort to build a new economy.  –  This is no mere academic adventure.  As one writer recently put it, “you don’t counter a myth with a pile of facts and statistics. You have to counter it with a more powerful story.”  –  The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century. It is the product of a decade-long, worldwide, cross-cultural dialogue.  It’s drafting involved the most inclusive and participatory process ever associated with the creation of an international declaration. The legitimacy of the document has been further enhanced by its endorsement by over 6,000 organizations, including many governments and international organizations.  –  Describes the historic roots, future perils, and alternate pathways for world development.