The following synopsis is simply one of many iterations unfolding as our understandings mature.
Like any healthy living system, we’ll evolve based on the feedback we receive and the needs of the times. 

Our hope here is to impart some of the contextual ground that we currently root ourselves in, and
help you to cultivate an idea of how your gifts could assist this movement to unfurl!

Co-heartedly, ~The Revival Team


– Our Worldview –

The belief system we hold most True is grounded in the observation that at the base of everything we experience, lies an ineffably-Creative force that drives the self-generation of Life & Consciousness on our planet (and perhaps denotes that the Universe too, is Alive). Some call this creative force God, some call it Reality, some call it Nature, Spirit, The Tao, Life Force Energy, and others call it (perhaps most appropriately) “That which cannot be named.” For the sake of being able to at-least-somewhat-rationally work with this observation, we choose to call this ineffably-creative force the “Evolutionary Impulse” of living systems, and hold it as the deepest base from which to emulate our personal & collective lives, (especially in tumultuous times such as these).

– Our Principles –

We know this Evolutionary Impulse by its observable trajectory toward ever-deeper relationship, complexity, awareness, purpose, adaptability, learning, trust, creativity, collaboration, synergy, dynamic tension, healing, playfulness, rest, beauty, & emergence! We adopt these (and many other) evolutionary attributes as our “Organizing Principles,” and hold them as indicators of our healthy alignment with the aforementioned Worldview.

– Our Mission –

Our mission is to assist in the emergence of holistic cultural evolution, by experimenting with social containers & ways of Being that exemplify the healthiest organizing principles of Life.

– Our Strategies –

Our strategies are based in co-creating social containers that set conducive conditions for cultural evolution to flow through. We invite a diverse array of participants into a collective alteration of shared agreements, aimed toward the emergence of our aforementioned Organizing Principles. We foster deep dialogue, wisdom sharing, music making, storytelling, & art creation, all aimed at nourishing the emergence of trust relationships and project synergies. We cultivate physical spaces of beauty, host radically-accessible opportunities for holistic education, and learn as we go. (Essentially, we employ all of our Practices, Principles, and Worldviews as dynamically as possible, in order to strike a chord in each other that resonates deeper than that of the false cultural foundations currently in place.  And when we aren’t designing/hosting, we’re actively assisting other organizations with our infrastructure, or hosting facilitation trainings so that trans-local nodes can increase their effectiveness!)

 – Our Practices –

Revival participants actively employ personal, social, spiritual, and natural world Practices to help foster the aforementioned Principles, Mission, & Strategies. This growing list of Practices spans countless previously-existing modalities including meditation techniques, creative facilitation, yogic traditions, interactive art creation, community asset mapping, nature connection skills, design sciences, community theatre, council circles, systems thinking, ritual space holding, co-counseling, music making, dance & embodiment practices, etc etc etc… Not aiming to overshadow any of these long standing traditions, we merely wish to contextualize them within a holistic Living Systems Worldview, and practice them with each other in service to our Mission of cultural evolution.

– Our People –

The Revival Team is a “trans-local” network of kin, who see the potential of social & spiritual movements based in Life-affirming perspectives & organizing principles. We are a growing web of homo sapiens waking up to our co-creative participation in the meta-narratives of humanity. We are magicians, lovers, healers, artists, learners, weavers, warriors, visionaries, and leaders. We are collectively coming into our power on behalf of all Life, and collaborating toward the radical health of the Whole!

 – Our Places –

We honor the bioregions that we call Home, and the surrounding Web of Life that we belong and owe our lives to. Whether this be a city, a farm, a bay, river, mountain, or plain; these are places on Earth that we cannot rationally distinguish ourselves from. We breath this air. We drink this water. We grow food from this soil. We are hyper-local beings, living in an unfathomably-beautiful and complex tapestry of ever-changing ecosystems, each dependent on various aspects of another for its very being. We are each a vital part of a living planet, each circled by a moon, and circling our home star. Our seemingly huge planet, is but one of millions of others in a small arm of the Milky Way galaxy, circling around what we call a black hole, and guided through the wider Universe by forces unknown.

Whether focusing on the micro or the macro, the local or the global, the personal or the cosmic, we understand place as Sacred, and honor its gifts for the absolute miracles they are. We give back as best as we can, and participate as fully as possible in this magnificent Circle of Life.