Revival is excited to bring the Living Lodge’s altar, art, and educational materials to the annual Thriving Communities Conference. We’ll also be helping to facilitate Friday’s “Open Space Marketplace” process… More info on this cutting edge gathering here:

“Our task is to make sometimes overwhelming community challenges into community opportunities, and make them accessible to those individuals who are called to make a difference.

To thrive is to create the capacity to be resilient together.

First, we are part of a movement: this movement includes people from all aspects of life and is not limited to a part of the country. We happen to be in the Northwest. We seek to change overwhelming community challenges into community opportunities.We are in the 6th year of providing visual examples that inspire those with vision and passion to believe that they too can make a difference in the communities in which they live.

Information about The Gathering 

We will be holding sessions:

  • Showing the stunning evolution of organizations we have filmed;
  • Featuring Excite Talks in which two organizations (from different communities but sharing a similar purpose) express the exciting commonalities and differences and illustrate how the community determines how it grows (examples: affordable housing, aging in place, communities of diversity);
  • With plenty of space for you to create a circle of discussion around your needs;
  • Featuring examples from Seattle, Portland, Bellingham, Whidbey Island. Port Townsend. Olympia and Orcas and Lopez Islands;
  • Exploring how to start up, sustain, connect to media and news.

Our focus is on learning from one another how Thriving Communities are meeting basic needs. Bring your own information! Your work is essential. Bring your manuals (tools to share) to help jumpstart an idea.

Part of the perpetual challenge of our work is to quantify and make real—intellectually and emotionally—the opportunity that exists when we expand our vision of what can be done in any community. We strive to reveal the vastness of that opportunity, as well as the ways in which change in one place can have a domino effect on communities everywhere.”