Larger physical & financial donations to Revival are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsorship with the NewStories 501c3… Please contact me for details… THANK YOU!!!


X – pa sound system ($2,600 speaker system … $250 sound board)

– wireless mics & receiver ($330 LINK HERE)

X – wired mics & mic stands package ($350)

X – woodburner ($259 LINK HERE) for carving driftwood signs

several more folding tables ($59 LINK HERE)

rolls of lycra stretch fabric OR fabric of any kind for decorative hanging. ($500)


– Revival needs funding to continue its Mission and build it’s Infrastructure. Contact me for more comprehensive budgetary needs.


– We need your participation in any form you feel inspired to offer!  Mentorship, feedback, collaboration, presenting, networking, volunteering for specific events, etc etc etc…

THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING… This dream has been with me for quite some time now, and your potential contribution to it’s continued manifestation brings hope to me, and inherent beauty into the world… Many blessings, ~B