The Revival Team is an organically-forming network of kin, who see the potential of social & spiritual movements based in Life-affirming perspectives & organizing principles.

We are a growing web of homo sapiens waking up to our co-creative participation in the meta-narratives of humanity.

We are magicians, lovers, healers, artists, learners, weavers, warriors, visionaries, and leaders.

We are collectively coming into our power on behalf of all Life, and collaborating toward the radical health of the Whole!

“CONSCIOUS catalysts of social change are NONLINEAR change agents. They create generative spaces, make vibrant connections, ask juicy questions, raise awareness, invite engagement, open up what is hidden, evoke latent energies… Conscious nonlinear social change catalysts are not trying to get anything specific to happen. They are simply teasing things in healthy directions, ready to learn as they go and inviting everyone else to learn, too.”   ~Tom Atlee