We honor these bioregions that we call Home, and the surrounding Web of Life that we belong and owe our lives to. Whether this be a city, a farm, a bay, river, mountain, or plain; these are places on Earth that we cannot rationally distinguish ourselves from. We breath this air. We drink this water. We grow food from this soil. We are hyper-local beings, living in an unfathomably-beautiful and complex tapestry of ever-changing ecosystems, each dependent on various aspects of another for its very being. We are each a vital part of a living planet, each circled by a moon, and each circling our home star. Our seemingly huge planet, is but one of millions of others in a small arm of the Milky Way galaxy, circling around what we call a black hole, and guided through the wider Universe by forces unknown.

Whether focusing on the micro or the macro, the local or the global, the personal or the cosmic, we understand place as Sacred, and honor its gifts for the absolute miracles they are. We give back as best as we can, and participate as fully as possible in this magnificent Circle of Life.

“We need not know where creation’s journey leads, or whether a final destination is even a meaningful concept. It is sufficient that we discern and celebrate its trajectory toward ever greater complexity, beauty, awareness, and possibility.”  ~David Korten