“The best way to heal a living system is to connect it with more parts of itself.”
~Margaret Wheatley

Our purpose at Revival, (and for this June Gathering), is to strengthen the whole by connecting the parts. To tell a New Story together. To set context for collective action.

While focusing on appropriate circles of influence (self, community, & bioregional levels), we inherently inspire the global movement, in what is often referred to as a “Glocal” approach to systemic change.

We invite you to join us in building “trust relationships” in our Salish Sea bioregion by engaging in the collective practices of Connection, Creativity, Celebration, & Collaboration! Synergy and innovation are proven to follow in the footsteps of these deep relational principles, so come out and play! We’ll be here to greet you with open arms…

re-vive (v): to bring back to life and consciousness