Revival’s “Living Lodge” is a handcrafted, educational art installation, touring around the PNW in the Spring/Summer of 2017, bringing inspiration & education to a wide array of participants.

The main focus of the Lodge is to hold space for workshops on Life, Story, Humanity, and the Evolution of Consciousness. It’s also simply a space for passive inspiration, tea culture, and emergent conversation around the aforementioned subjects.

It houses many many picture books, artwork, hanging fabric/flags, educational materials, altars to the Universe, a 10 person tea table, cushy pillows, driftwood quote boards, and more… !!!

The HIGHEST PURPOSE of the Lodge is to be a blank canvas for who & whatever wants to add to the space (in the form of art, programming, or community space holding!) It’s a blank canvas! How would YOU like to participate?!?!?!  Let us know!