“The Same Golden Force”
that drives the stars
drives my life.
The same course of story
beginning with
a universe-burgeoning Bang
blesses every cell, every
moment, every encounter,
rich, poor, bliss, catastrophe.
Every where is the Creator
of, by, and for all beings,
hidden in every crevice and peak.

And today it calls me
from inside and out
to cease me-ing for a moment
and see.
For alive currents divide
along the topology of time
and the riverflow story
is finding a line
where we become greater than we are
or vanish in a swansong of stardust.

For the story isn’t about us.
It is about itself—
the wholeness of riverflow voices
of every world unflolding.
Our choice, whatever it is,
is part of this great story.

The Golden Explosion
within which it all began
is here with me now—
with in us all—longing
with every tomorrows’ child—
holy, rising, longing to see
if we will see
enough to be
the next page turning
awake and golden.

~Sent to me via email this morning by mentor Tom Atlee