This year’s Revival Gathering will implement a mix of Open Space workshops, Council Circles, Keynote Ignite-style talks, World Cafe processes, and much more…  (Click on any of these links to learn more).

~ Together we’ll create a learning experience that values both expertise AND collective wisdom ~

While scrolling through the presenters below, you’ll find mostly women & people of color.
This purposeful curation reflects the need in our society to turn toward the wisdom of marginalized voices. There is so much wisdom here, if only we decolonize our ears to listen.

~ Bring your most curious, engaged self, and prepare to come away changed ~


Our current lineup of workshop presenters include:


Alixa Garcia & Naima Penniman: Hailing from Brooklyn NY as “Climbing Poetree,” these two will be presenting on “Art as a Cultural Hammer,” and lighting the weekend up with impromptu recitations & performances.



Paul “Cheoketen” Wagner:  Respected Coast Salish activist, storyteller, & flutist, presenting on current indigenous efforts to protect the Salish Sea. Paul will also be hosting dedicated storytelling & music space in the Indigenous Tipi.



Lydia Harutoonian:  An Iranian-American fiddle player, and Joanna Macy’s close mentee, Lydia will be presenting on Joanna’s “Work That ReConnects,” and offering experiences of “protest-folk” music to liberate the collective soul.



Laurence Cole:  Respected elder songholder & grief council facilitator, Laurence will be leading a 3hr Intergenerational Grief Council  (in the tradition of Malidoma Some), and hosting evening song spaces in the Yurt.



Tannur “SheWrightz” Ali:  Mother of 3 & social justice poet, Tannur will be hosting a dynamic “Offers & Needs Market” to help our group to know who’s-who, who-needs-what, and who’s-got-what-to-offer-others!



Natalie Riley:  As a mother & early childhood educator, Natalie has led Kidz Zone spaces at conscious events across the west coast, and is actively cooking up workshops for the whole family!



C Ryan Qualls: As the founder of a native-led organization bringing education, resources, skill share & radical sustainable building to tribal communities based on traditional values and teachings, Ryan will be imparting some hands-on traditional ecological knowledge over the course of the weekend.


Draegan: Social justice advocate and embodiment facilitator, Draegan will lead an experiential “Radical Dance” class about physical & non-verbal consent, gender deconstruction, power & privilege, and the decolonization of the body.



Pulxaneeks: From the Eagle Clan of the Haisla First Nation, with a background in cultural-reclamation-based youth outreach, Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) will be presenting on “Indigenous Right Relations” and moderating the “Indigenous Voices Panel.”



Ian Mackenzie: A filmmaker, activist, and storyteller, Ian will be presenting the role of transformational media in shifting culture, while sharing the work of the Re/Culture Collective.



Hazel Bell Koski:  Hosting conversation/ritual around the Story of the Universe, and a Creative Facilitation training for those engaged in movements of decolonization.



Sara Snedeker:  By night, Sara will be guiding a radically-participatory mural creation, and by day you’ll find her coaching participants in “Courting Our Creative Expression.”



Ben Browner:  Hosting a worldview-busting discussion at Revival’s “Resource Hub,” where you’ll find a huge printed wall of meta-narrative frameworks & diagrams.


More presenters to come!!! Please fill out this form to suggest yourself and/or others. We’ll be getting back to folks by March 1st at the latest.